Remember When You Used to Dress Up as a Kid?
Who or What Were you?

Doctor? Princess? Firefighter? Astronaut?

As children, we knew just how to use our imaginations to envision our dreams. God wants us to do that AGAIN! Dress like the person you aspire to
be—OR—the occupation that you’ve been dreaming of. Then play the part! (Fun accessories are a must!)

– A best-selling AUTHOR? (Bring a copy of your new book!)
– A world-class BALLERINA? (Don’t forget your toe shoes!)
– A famous OLYMPIAN? (Show off your gold medal!)

Put some ACTION behind your faith while Pastor Nicole inspires you with the tools to pursue your dreams! (PRIZE: For the person most fully invested in
seeing their dream become a reality!)

If you can SEE it— you can BE it!
Act The Part & DRESS Your Dream!

St. Louis, MO

Thursday, September 24 | 7:30pm(CST)


This event is FREE, but registration is required for Virtual Attendance
No registration required for in-person attendance


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