Independence Weekend
July 4th

6:00 PM (ET – Royal Palm Chapel),
7:00 PM (CT – Sunset Hills)
Sunday – July 5th

SATURDAY – Celebrate God and the FREEDOM He’s given us in America, the greatest country on Earth! Worship with us at 6:00 PM ET at the Royal Palm Beach Chapel or 7:00 PM CT at Sunset Hills on Saturday evening.

SUNDAY – Enjoy a “sweet treat” after service and take advantage of some FUN and PATRIOTIC Photo Ops! Invite your friends to celebrate Independence Day Weekend with you at Faith Church!

Is there a part of your life that you won’t allow God to touch— because it’s SO DEAD? We limit God with our beliefs and conditions. Stop putting God in a BOX and take the limits off!

Does it feel like the world is shifting beneath your feet? Don’t let what’s going on around you affect your life. Build on God’s solid foundation and see things from a whole new perspective.

Sometimes God’s plans just don’t make sense. The test is obeying His instructions so we can get to everything He promised for us. Learn to keep walking in obedience and receive all that God planned for your life.