I Am Woman: I AM Wild | Earth City Campus

Face it! You’ve always been a bit of a WILD CHILD: wildly passionate and outrageously eccentric! You’re crazy different…and that’s GOOD! You weren’t born to live within the rules and confines of this world. You’re just WILD AT HEART! So, be BOLD! Step up and take a walk on the WILD SIDE as Faith Church presents: I AM WILD! It’s a FREE I Am Woman Event, Friday, March 1st – 7:30 pm at the Earth City Campus.

Learn how to unleash your natural creative instincts and become WILDLY successful in everything you do! No kidding…God wants to bless you beyond your WILDEST DREAMS! Wear your animal print and stay for a WILD after-party! Better bring along some friends… it’s a JUNGLE out there!