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Let’s come together as a church community and celebrate those of us who are ready to take that next step in their walk with Jesus! On Saturday, April 10th & Sunday, April 11th, after every worship experience and at all campuses we are going to celebrate as a church family as this will be a very special day in your life. So if you have never been baptized or want to recommit your life to God, let us celebrate with you! Register at the infodesk or online!

Service times:
Sunset Hills – Saturday – 5PM (CT)
Sunset Hills – Sunday – 9:45AM & 11:35AM (CT)

Earth City – Sunday – 10:40AM & 12:30PM (CT)

Ferguson-Florissant – Sunday – 10:40AM & 12:30PM (CT)

Welson Spring – Sunday – 10:40AM (CT)

Royal Palm Chapel – Saturday – 6PM (ET)
Royal Palm Chapel – Sunday – 10AM & 11:40AM (ET)

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