You Can Take Communion at Home — It’s EASY!

We hope you decide to take communion at home, soon. It’s a wonderful way for followers of Jesus to do something He asked us to do, while we remember what He did for us. It’s the perfect way to give thanks!

1. If your family isn’t familiar with the meaning of communion, you can start by reading some of these Scriptures to explain how it came about and what it’s for. Matthew 26, Luke 22, and Mark 14.

The Apostle Paul describes what Jesus did at The Last Supper, and reminds us WHY we take Communion.

I have handed down to you what came to me by direct revelation from the Lord himself. The same night in which he was handed over, he took bread and gave thanks. Then he distributed it to the disciples and said, “Take it and eat your fill. It is my body, which is given for you. Do this to remember me.” He did the same with the cup of wine after supper and said, “This cup seals the new covenant with my blood. Drink it—and whenever you drink this, do it to remember me.” Whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are retelling the story, proclaiming our Lord’s death until he comes. 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 (TPT)

2. Jesus and His followers used wine and unleavened bread, but it’s okay to use grape juice and whatever bread or crackers you have available. (If you really want to use unleavened bread, a matzo cracker is a great option.) If you can’t find grape juice, another juice or beverage will do.

What’s important is focusing on the MEANING of this spiritual symbol.

3. Ask someone to pray for the bread and lead the group in this first part of communion. Here’s an example.

(Hold the bread, the symbol of Jesus’ body). “Jesus asked us to eat this to remember that He gave His BODY for us. Thank you, Jesus, for dying for us so that we can live! Okay, go ahead and eat the bread.”

4. Next, ask someone to pray for the cup and lead the group in this second part of
communion. Here’s an example.

(Hold the cup, the symbol of Jesus’ blood.) “Jesus asked us to drink this cup to remember that our sins are forgiven by the power of His sacrifice. Thank You, Jesus, for Your BLOOD! Go ahead and drink the cup.”

5. Remembering what Jesus did for us, while taking communion, can feel like a somber moment— and that’s okay. But don’t forget, this is an incredible reason to CELEBRATE! Ask members your group to come ready to share a story of something that Jesus has done in their lives. Or, ask your group to reflect and share anything they felt like God might have been helping them to see or remember while they were taking communion.

You can take Communion as often as you’d like. (Jesus said to remember Him as often as we eat and drink… and that’s a lot!) It shouldn’t be something we just do occasionally.