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Seats For Souls

Seats For Souls

What is Seats for Souls?

Take a look at the photos below. We have a 2400 seat auditorium full of pews that are ripped, worn and held together by 2×4 pieces of wood on the bottom. Not only is this unattractive and inconvenient, but it is not what should be representing the Kingdom of God.

Our plan is to fully renovate the Sunset Hills Auditorium with beautiful stadium seating. This will give us full use of our space and will be a beautiful representation of our great God. Our goal is to have all funds raised and completed by Easter 2013 (3/31/13)

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The Vision

Our church has already accomplished great things and we are believing God for even greater!

We are creating a place for people to come and experience God’s love by renovating and expanding our camapus. We are building God a house that will be a beacon of light to the city of St. Louis and beyond.

God is “…enthroned upon the praises of Israel.” Psalm 22:3

The Japanese translation of the original Hebrew text for this verse literally says that our praise

“builds a big chair for God to sit on.”


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