Faith Projects

What we do in the community and the
world abroad to make it a better place.

Faith Projects

Our success in the past has laid a foundation of progress for us to build on as we move toward the future. This brings confidence knowing we have the strength necessary for pushing above and beyond the norm. It also encourages us to eagerly embrace new levels and new places as God directs. We are looking forward to the upcoming challenges. We know we will be stretched in all areas but it is a privilege to follow where God is leading.

Completed Projects


2nd Playground In Haiti

Playground In Haiti

New Weldon Spring Bus

New Earth City Bus

TEN Campaign

2 New Buses

The Bus Project

Well Of Life – Chiang Rai

Well Of Life – Kishore Nagar

Sunset Hills Reconstruction

Seats For Souls

Well Of Life – S. T. Colony

Earth City HD TV Equipment

Well Of Life – Kaun Kaeu

Sunset Hills HD TV Equipment

Well Of Life – Adarsha Nagar

Earth City Kitchen

Childhood Development Center

Well of Life – Senagapadu

Earth City Playground

Well Of Life – Muthyalapalli

Here’s an overview of what we’ve been able to accomplish with your help:

This year Faith Church has helped more people than EVER before. The television ministry has reached almost 5 million people this year alone! We have launched two new campuses 1,100 miles apart, and Outreach Magazine named Faith Church the 80th largest church in America, and the 31th fastest growing!  And this is the just the tip of the iceberg for 2014!


  • We opened our Weldon Spring campus.
  • We opened our West Palm Beach campus with weekly worship experiences.
  • We purchased the Weldon Spring building.
  • We became the 80th biggest church in America according to Outreach Magazine.
  • We are the 31st fastest growing church in America according to Outreach Magazine!
  • We just built and installed the largest playground in all of Haiti.
  • We’ve spent  1oo’s of thousands of dollars feeding children in Haiti this year.
  • Gave out 4,800 blankets to the homeless.
  • Our Food Pantry gave away 129,000 canned goods, fed over 16,000 people and over 4,000 families in need.
  • We sponsored over 125 families for Thanksgiving, and are helping provide Christmas to over 425 children this year with our Giving Tree.


  • Construction of Sunset Hills Campus finished right in time for Easter weekend 2013
  • Went on TV in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Opened West Palm Beach campus
  • Opened Westplex campus.
  •  We helped to build a marketplace in Haiti which will help create jobs in an environment with 90% unemployment.


  • Construction began at Easter and we are hoping construction will be complete by Easter 2013
  • The Connector Link between the buildings has been completed and is now open for use
  • The Early Childhood Education classrooms are nearly complete and should be in use by the end of July
  • The Earth City food pantry is complete and food is being distributed to our city EVERY Wednesday
  • The commercial kitchen is now completed and in use
  • The playground equipment has installed and now being used every weekend by kids


  • Purchased 13001 Gravois Rd, Sunset Hills
  • Moved Central Campus to new Sunset Hills Campus
  • Completed food pantry construction at Sunset Hills
  • Completed front wall auditorium construction at Sunset Hills campus


  • Named the 5th fastest growing church in the nation
  • Began third Sunday morning worship experience at Central Campus
  • Started a second Sunday morning worship experience at Earth City Campus
  • Built/opened childrens/youth auditorium at Earth City Campus


  • Named the 5th fastest growing church in the nation
  • Added Saturday Night Worship Experiences
  • Central Campus remodeled inside and out
  • Began a Food Pantry at Central Campus


  • Started Northwest Campus in The Heart of St Charles
  • Held First Annual Women’s Conference
  • Purchased 3590 Rider Trail South for home of Earth City Campus
  • Grand Opening of Earth City Campus
  • Began monthly combined campus celebrations “Super Sundays”


  • Hosted Regional C3 Conference
  • Held first Youth Cryout & Kids Bible Bootcamp events
  • Purchased Ministry Center


  • Began two Sunday A.M. Worship Experiences


  • Began broadcasting on ABC
  • Purchased land next door to Central Campus

Thank you for your support over the years to make these and many more projects possible!