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Ahoy Matees, Are you ready to set sail to your greatest adventure? Are you ready to brave the waves and follow the map to the greatest treasure of all? Believe it or not, there is much we can learn from the scandalous pirate… This action packed series points back to the Real Treasure & how to find it.

Don’t miss this four week series!


Ye will not want to miss the new Pirates Series! During this swash buckling series, ye can be entered for yer chance to win a cruise vacation on the high seas for two, incuding airfare! Ye may enter at your own risk by visiting the stops on the handy treasure map and completing the tasks. Once yer treasure map be complete, ye will drop it in the barrel. X marks the spot! The lucky buccaneer will be announced by the town crier at the end of the adventure and please only enter one treasure map per buccaneer.

To obtain ye handy treasure map click here!